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Villa in France

Beach front France

Smiling Vacation is a booking and administration site that can be freely used by individuals renting out their private holiday home - apartment or house in Denmark Sweden Norway Spain Italy Germany Turkey and France Denmark

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Apartment or house Spain

85m2 apartment in Almunecar

Whether you have a holiday home or holiday apartment you can rent it out via Smiling Vacation where you get an overview of times and season rates and you can chat with others who rent out their holiday home

Once you have chosen to become part of the Smiling Vacation family, you will automatically get a lot of extra and unique benefits.

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Online booking Italy

75m2 apartment in Italy

We even have a holiday apartment in Spain that we rent out. Our friends have in Italy Turkey Spain and France respectively The idea for this booking portal originates from a common desire for a rental portal we manage and manage ourselves. If you want to join please log in and register your summer residence, it's free

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